Junior year…it’s not that bad


Students often exaggerate the stress of junior year and underscore its benefits.

Everyone hears about how junior year is the hardest year of high school, but what about all the  positives that come with it?

This year we really begin looking into our future, and receive opportunities to help us decide what we want to do and where we want to go. Carlsbad High School offers a wide variety of classes that prepare its students for the difficult years of college ahead. The courses most juniors enroll in give them a perfect opportunity to study instead of simply aiming for an A.

Among the many things junior year has to offer, one of the most helpful tools is the program Naviance, where students can take career and self-interest surveys. Naviance gives students opportunities to research colleges and  automatically record GPAs and test scores. Students also can create a resume on the site for college applications and job interviews.

Naviance is a huge benefit to the students who want to narrow down what field they want to work in and where they would like to continue their education. Junior year is the year that students start in depth searching for a college, and Naviance can help them decide where they might go.

Typically, students tear down junior year because it is rumored to be the hardest year of high school. These stories are usually spread around campus as students go from taking few advanced placement courses freshman and sophomore year to enrolling in around five advanced placement classes junior year. Students who take part in this are clearly setting themselves up for stress.

Besides academics, juniors gain more independence. Most juniors have their license and can go off campus at lunch. We also gain the reputation of upperclassmen, and realize that we are becoming the high schoolers that we looked up to when we were in middle and elementary school.

Not only do we have great teachers, extra curricular activities and beneficial websites, but counselors know what colleges are looking for. They help us determine which clubs, sports, jobs and community service hours will help us get into the college of our dreams.

The counselors also  help us find our realistic college of choice, one that suits us based on our extra-curriculars and classes. They even discuss if launching straight into a career could be an option. They have our best interest at heart and know what they are talking about.

The juniors at CHS are extremely lucky. We have online programs, teachers and counselors who want to see us become successful. We also gain the perks of a reputation as upperclassmen. Soon we will begin the road trip of our future, and CHS is a great place to layout the map.