Cori Schumacher running for mayor

Cori Schumacher addressing the crowd about running for mayor at her latest rally.

Aj Griffin

Cori Schumacher addressing the crowd about running for mayor at her latest rally.

AJ Griffin, Assistant Editor

On Jan. 7, Cori Schumacher announced her candidacy as the Mayor of Carlsbad. She later held a local rally at Magee Park. Upwards of two hundred people showed to support Schumacher “starting a change in Carlsbad.” This is what Cori told the community she wanted to accomplish.

“Running on the platform of clean renewable energy for Carlsbad,” Schumacher said.

This is what Schumacher has decided to be running on. Schumacher has decided to run against current mayor Matt Hall. Hall has not only been mayor for four years, but has served on the city council’s board for over a decade.

“We as a community need to change, ” Schumacher has said her disposition toward rival Matt Hall and his tendencies as current mayor.

This election is important to Schumacher, due to the fact that she is stepping away from her city council seat in order to run for mayor. Schumacher is literally putting her job on the line for this election.

“I’m excited to see a woman candidate run with a chance of winning,”  sophomore Whitney Ogden said. “If Cori were to win, she would bring a much needed change to Carlsbad.”

Running as a female could have its downsides, but to Schumacher, it is a distinct advantage. She believes that she could bring a new perspective to the mayor position.   

“What am I able to accomplish with this current council?” Schumacher said. 

Schumacher has been against a lot on the city council, though she never let this affect her making change. She has not only reinstated the hands on science at local elementary schools, but she defeated measure A in late last year. Schumacher has accomplished a lot of projects against the odds of the council and the city. She hopes to accomplish many more tasks when she takes office as mayor. 

“Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind, we are building relationships,” Schumacher said.

This is Schumacher’s plan for ensuring the public to their vote during the election. She believes that her mottos and the public’s appreciation of her views of this city. Her mottos of truthfulness and kindness exemplify her personality. She believes that will lead her to victory versus Matt Hall.  

“This battle will be hard and costly,” Schumacher said.

Schumacher believes that she will have to raise the money side of the election from the public. She is running against Multi Millionaire Matt Hall. This rally is the first of many, and has already informed many opinions on Cori Schumacher.

“…as a community I believe that we can all win,” Schumacher said.