A Quiet Place silences critics


Horror movies have always been a crowd favorite. Whether it revolves around scary clowns or zombies, the themes always seem to stay constant. John Krasinski’s new film A Quiet Place has taken a step in the right direction for horror. The thriller brought in 33 million opening weekend and is currently holding a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics are raving about Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt playing such compelling roles throughout the movie, while at the same time Krasinski wrote and directed it. The creature is also a big topic of disussion for critics. Some are saying that the monster was scary and terrifying, while others think it is a generic off-the-shelf monster. However, we can all agree this was definitely a new step for Krasinski and his directing ability.

This eerily silent movie follows the Abbott family trying to survive in an apocalyptic world, where creatures have invaded and taken over. The family must remain completely silent in order to not attract the attention of the creatures that roam the earth. Silence plays an crucial part of the Abbott’s family survival, due to the fact that their daughter Regan is deaf. Regan (Millicent Simmonds)  believes that being deaf presents a whole new set of challenges for the family. For example, the family communicates through the use of ASL to not alarm any monsters. Regan feels like her hearing loss causes burdens on the family due to the fact that she can’t be as useful as her brother, who she thinks her dad favors.

A Quiet Place artfully plays on elemental fears with a ruthlessly intelligent creature that is as original as it is scary. The film uses sound as a fear and a suspense builder. The silence is so intense that the whole movie will go without audio for minutes on end. The movie teases the audience with emotion and affect the way that we connect with characters in the environment. The Abbott family will connect with the audience in ways that the audience never thought would happen in a horror movie. Simmonds is deaf in real life, so this brought new emotion to the character because she could carry the struggles that she has in real life with hearing into this fictional character. The quick ending left viewers on edge and wondering what had just happened. This could be setting up the movie for a sequel, though this could have been handled in a better fashion.  

The way that Krasinski directed this movie was one of a masterpiece. The visual horror combined with the psychological terror makes this film truly terrifying. The original story with the big screen talent such as Krasinski and Blunt delivers in such a performance that captivates the audience to continue watching the developing story. A Quiet Place has created such physiological horror that we just haven’t seen in many years. It has broken out a new set of actors and directors. This movie was worth my money and much more. A sequel being announced was no surprise with the figures that the movie put up. The suspenseful nature of this movie makes it perfect for audiences currently. So I would highly suggest this movie if you are into any type of horror.