Review: Stranger Things


Hailee Harway, staff writer

Netflix has come out with very popular shows during the year of 2017. Many netflix watchers were ecstatic to know that there would be a season two of the hit show, Stranger Things. After months of anticipation for the saga, the show was released on the Oct. 27. The directors and writers had many fans pleased, so as the show scored a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Stranger Things is coming back for a third season.

The second season starts almost a year after the last season’s episode. The viewers see that this season follows Will Byers, (Noah Schnapp) the boy who went missing in the first season. The audience follows his journey of the anniversary effect, more commonly known as PTSD, which resulted from his experience in the alternate dimension known as the “Upside Down”. Will is seen getting help for his PTSD and the audience can tell that something about his ‘doctor’ is suspicious. This scene specifically sets the mood for the entire season. The viewers know that although he has escaped the horror of the alternate universe, this experience alone will affect everyone around him. The audience will also follow Mike and his heartbreak due to the series of events leading up to Eleven going missing. The viewers see how much Eleven meant to Mike when he keeps up the fort he made for her, as well as attempting to communicate with her every single day for a year. When Mike’s friend becomes close with another girl in their grade, viewers can tell he has a hidden grudge against her due to him not being able to be happy without Eleven.

The first episode of season two was intriguing, as the first scene reveals a woman that has the same power as Eleven. The start was very suspenseful, although it was confusing because it took a good three minutes to figure out the woman, was like Eleven, which lead viewers to be confused and get bored with what was happening . Writers should have shown the woman’s tattoo of 008 sooner so there was not as much uncertainty, leading watchers not to have gotten bored with the scene. Another part of the script that was a let down was the commentary between Nancy and Steve. The last season’s lead up in their relationship made it seem that there would be more interesting scenes with them. The couple’s few moments together were bland and disappointing, especially since last season, the two were seen around a Christmas tree in the first season finale. This was false hope for the couple’s fans because writers should have made the script with more passion for both actors. Also, a crowd favorite from the last season and the first episode of the series was Dustin, because of his comic relief in the science fiction drama. Especially his lines about an infatuation he has with a new girl character, he says “ Who can resist these pearly whites” then continues to purr.

A crowd favorite character from the first season was Joyce because she was the definition of a caring mother. Winona Ryder’s acting was superb, especially when showing her motherly concern for her son’s disappearance. This made the audience feel Joyce Byers’ despair. Also, viewers pitied her when everyone in the town believed she was insane. An example is when, she believed Will could talk to her through Christmas lights. Although in this new season watchers see a new side of Joyce, she is more calm and content when her son is with her. Ryder does a phenomenal job of still  being overprotective of Will in season two. The audience sees that Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) has a liking for Nancy. Heaton makes watchers feel pity for his character because they can see his dilemma of being happy for Nancy, and how he wants to be with her. Heaton portrays a teenage boy in love and his acting perfectly demonstrates this, down to the little details such as his side glances at Nancy. This makes the audience see his longing and emotion.  

The show is made up of amazing actors who portray their characters’ emotions perfectly as well as making the audience feel for them. The plot and storyline are not cliche whatsoever, and leave the audience captivated  with every episode the show puts out. If you are looking for a great show with a cast you’ll fall in love with and a storyline like no other, Stranger Things is the way to go.