Geostorm brings awareness to the environment

Despite the criticism, the movie does a good job at addressing the awareness of global warming on our environment.

In 2017, the issue of global warming became a more important topic that needed to be discussed. Many films were produced that revolved around the topic of the environment such as Geostorm. Although the film scored 13 percent on Rotten Tomatoes , many Sci-fi fans argue that film was the one that brought awareness to climate change.

Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) is the creator of the Dutch Boy programs which focus on the issue of saving Earth due to the climate of our environment. While the issue of global warming is inevitable, the world governments decided to fund the Dutch Boy program which controls our weather. After the Dutch Boy program eliminated any possibilities of global warming, the Dutch Boy has experience program errors which cause one city to have unusual weather. As Dutch Boy has instability for controlling the weather, the creator and his brother who work for the US government find who is responsible for this.

The film incorporates action and science fiction resulting in the viewers bringing more awareness to our new weather from climate change. Also, the film causes the audience to want to take care of our environment. Geostorm incorporates space adventure which is demonstrated in a scene where two astronauts find the chip in a communications relay. The film has many action scenes, one of the most memorable being when one car protects the President when he is under a hot pursuit from several cars. Scenes such as these have a lot of  anticipation and makes the movie more enjoyable for the viewers.

The movie has a low rating and has received criticisms about its poor acting. It has a similar plot line from science fiction films which always incorporate space adventure and action. Some critics claimed the ending should have been related more on space adventures. The actors underperformed during the movie as the critics claimed because they make the audience predict the future events easily. Despite the criticism, the movie does a good job at addressing the awareness of global warming on our environment.

The movie promotes awareness on climate change affecting our environment. Even though the film gains criticisms for a basic plot line, the viewers enjoyed the way the film captured the issue of climate change as well as the fact that it makes viewers feel somewhat inspired to take better care of the earth.