Spending a day at the Farmers Market


Photographed by Mardi Pfeifer

Between 10am and 2pm on Sundays, family and friends walk along the stalls of the Leucadia Farmers Market. Vendors sell items such as produce, meals, clothing and specialty goods.

Every Sunday, over 75 vendors set up shop on the fields of Paul Ecke Elementary School. By 10 a.m., the sun is shining, the breeze is cool, the voices chatter and the aromas of handmade and homegrown foods fill the air. A day at the Leucadia Farmers Market will have something for everyone, and it’s a great way to spend some time outside.

Fresh Produce

Farms from all over San Diego congregate at the market to sell their delicious fruits and vegetables. Vendors such as J.R. Organics, based out of Escondido, bring beautifully colorful crops to sell. From jewelled cherry tomatoes to green cherimoyas, fresh and local-grown items can be found at the Leucadia Farmers Market. 

Each vendor also allows customers to choose or bring waste-free bags, an eco-friendly way to produce just a little bit less trash. A huge appeal of farmers markets for shoppers all over the world is its sustainability. Fruits and vegetables are handpicked, placed in reusable cartons, then purchased and carried home in woven baskets or canvas bags. 

Specialty Goods

If you have ever been to a farmers market then you know that each one sells exciting products that vary greatly from produce. From bee pollen to handmade crafts, there are tents of great diversity to be found. 

Peace & OM Encinitas, a yoga-friendly boutique, sets up shop every Sunday. Targeted towards women and young girls who love colorful athleisure, the shop sells eccentric leggings as well as comfortable tops. Businesses like this and many more are what make farmer markets so unique. They have something for everyone to enjoy, all in a warm and sunny environment.

Delicious Meals

From vegan alternatives to pad thai, you can find a plenitude of foods at the market. Frida’s Tacos, a company that has been selling at the market for years, has found great success there. Every Sunday, a line of people track beyond the stand to get a taste of the favorited tacos. 

All meal tents are found at the end of the market, a perfect merchandising strategy used to allow customers to spend a little more time on the school grounds. Located near the food tents is a shaded dining area, home to an abundance of lunch tables. While enjoying their fresh meal, shoppers can chatter with friends as the background sound of live entertainment fills the air.

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