Disney Plus, the new obsession of students


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Disney Plus offers a wide variety of content for viewers.

Disney has released a new streaming service called Disney Plus, which grants public access to shows and movies that are difficult to find elsewhere. Owned by the Walt Disney company, Disney Plus includes shows and movies that have been removed from other streaming services, such as Netflix. It contains both new and old content that subscribers have been binging since its release.

Disney plus is a downloadable streaming service released on November 12th, 2019. With a seven dollar monthly subscription, users are able to watch any of the content on up to four screens. While using Disney Plus, subscribers can watch Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic all in one place.

I can also look back at the memories I had with each movie, which I love.”

— Chloe Fairchild

“Disney Plus is such a fun app to see all of the latest disney shows and movies, but also the oldest,” Freshman Chloe Fairchild says. “I love it because there is such a wide selection of shows, with Star Wars, old movies, short films, and documentaries.”

Disney Plus offers shows and movies that are both old and new. While students have developed a love/hate relationship with the fact that their favorite childhood TV shows are being overshadowed by new ones, content is being uploaded to the app frequently. While watching Disney Plus, fans can view their old favorites and remember the nostalgic memories of childhood.

“I prefer to watch the old shows because they’re more nostalgic and more fun to watch,” Freshman Zuzu Grueskin says. “It reminds me of my old interests and I can watch it with my brother and show him some of the shows that he missed out on.”

Disney Plus is going to be adding new movies and shows in December 2019 and throughout 2020. The company plans to continue to add content to keep up with the overwhelming flow of sign ups.

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According to Henry St. Leger and Samuel Roberts, “We’ve got a long wait until some of the bigger Marvel shows start arriving in 2020, and some of the other Star Wars spin-offs feel even further away. But over time, as the service builds momentum, it’ll likely grow in the same way Netflix has, with a steady stream of originals from the different content pillars.”

Although the establishment of a yet another paid streaming service created a stir about the added price to pre-existing television contracts, it is now a no brainer for those who have the app. Its popular content and relatively low price has students committing as members of the Disney-Plus family.

“I think it is definitely worth the seven dollars a month because I can easily view so many shows and movies anywhere I go,” Fairchild says.