Top 5 Christmas movies to brighten up your holiday season

1. Elf

Although most have seen this classic, hilarious movie around Christmas time, it is definitely a movie to put on your list this season. Follow Buddy the Elf around on his adventure to find his birth dad and spread the holiday spirit around New York City by watching this movie over the Christmas holiday.

2. Love Actually

If you love romantic comedies, then Love Actually is the perfect movie for you to watch over the holiday. This lighthearted and sweet movie set during Christmas time follows several intertwined stories revolving around love. Each love story is connected in some way or another, and it all feels very festive since the movie takes place during the holiday season.

3. A Christmas Story

We’ve all watched this classic holiday movie, but why not watch it again? A Christmas Story focuses on the life of Ralphie Parker, who is in the act of dodging a bully throughout the movie, and is wishing for a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas.

4. Home Alone

After eight-year-old Kevin’s family mistakenly leaves for their Christmas vacation without him, Kevin feels as though his wish to not have a family came true! But his excitement turns to worry when he must guard his house from getting robbed by two thieves. 


5. The Holiday

Another romantic comedy for your list of Christmas movies! The Holiday revolves around Iris and Amanda who both recently went through breakups. To be rid of their sadness, they decide to switch lifestyles for the holiday, where they both find new love.