A look in Captain’s Helm

Students benefit from vintage and thrift shopping.


Chloe Auerbach

Captain’s Helm is located in South Oceanside, 1832 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054.

Located on Coast Highway, a busy street in South Oceanside, Captain’s Helm brings an assortment of vintage clothing to the town. With a colorful entrance and a coffee stand in front, Captain’s Helm invites anyone to shop for their array of vibrant and unique pieces, including clothes, bags, and accessories.

Thrift shopping has recently become immensely popular amongst teenagers, and Captain’s Helm is no exception. Juniors Sophie Walton and Emmerson Engle both shop at Captain’s Helm, and are inspired by the vintage selection that Captain’s Helm has to offer.

“Captains helm inspires me because it has styles from other decades such as the 80s and 90s, which helps me branch out of my usual go-to style,” Walton said. “

I love that it is different than all other stores and how it inspires people to be themselves.”

— Sophie Walton

Unlike other thrift stores, Captain’s Helm contains a curated selection, meaning that the clothing items have been specifically selected for the store. This, unfortunately, results in higher prices, but the clothes are all high quality. 

“Captain’s Helm has better quality stuff,” Engle said. “Some thrift stores are kind of gross and dirty, but I feel like their stuff is nice and good quality.”

Captain’s Helm contains a variety of vintage clothes, ranging from past decades. The clothes are specifically chosen for the store, resulting in guaranteed good finds. 

“They have really unique clothes; stuff you wouldn’t find at typical stores like Urban Outfitters or Brandy Melville,” Engle said. “All of the clothes are really fun!”

In general, thrifting and reusing old clothes benefits the environment, helping to reduce plastic waste and promote green living. Not only does Captain’s Helm benefit the environment by being a second-hand store, but it also inspires creativity. 

“Captains helm inspires people to have their own unique style and be different than everyone else,” Walton said. “It encourages people to step out of the box with their style which is really cool.”