Learning lives on


Sam Chacon

The tennis courts at Carlsbad High will be open for the summer activities. Sports such as tennis are a good way to get outside and get some exercise this summer.

Just because summer break means that school has ended, that does not mean the opportunities to learn have too. There are many activities and hobbies that are very doable to learn in the summer months.

When you are with your friends and family at the beach, there are sports and activities that you can learn how to do to make the day even better. You can play beach volleyball, spike ball or even just toss a ball.

“My favorite thing to do with my friends during the summer is play spike ball,” junior Noah Vella said. “It is super easy to play, and we all teach people to play all the time. They all catch on super quickly.”

If it is a warm summer day and you are looking to do an activity that is fun and also gives a little workout, a great option is to play tennis with some friends. Tennis is a great option because once you learn you can play even when you’re older, and it does not matter how many friends you want to play with. Although it technically requires two or four players, sometimes breaking the rules and playing with more people can make the game even better.

“Sometimes we go out to the tennis courts, and it’s so fun,” junior Hailey Rutter said. “Sometimes we will go out with like eight people and all play. I have so many funny memories playing tennis with everyone.”

If you are looking to go a little out of the box with things to do, there are many options that can be very fun for you and your friends. Whether you’re playing sports or doing any other activity, making vlogs of your summer lifestyle is a great way for you to keep something that will have you never forget all of your fun times with your friends.

“Sometimes when we are feeling silly, we will make vlogs,” sophomore Lauren Rosen said. “I also have friends that keep a “one second a day” that looks super cool and is something that you can keep with you forever.”

Over the summer there should never be a dull moment. The opportunity to learn and create new memories should never end.