Senior year: Do’s and Don’ts


Here you are, the day has finally come, the year you’ve always looked up to: senior year. You’ve officially completed most of your education before you head off to college and now you’re in for the most memorable high school year of them all. Just because you’re almost there doesn’t mean you’re done just yet. Not only do you have another year of balancing homework, essays, social life and sleep, you also now have to complete college applications, apply for scholarships, decide on a school and more. Here’s a list of a few senior year do’s and don’ts that I’ve picked up along the way.

DO: Participate in senior activities. You only have one high school senior year, might as well fill it with all the memories you can. Attend all the dances, go to all the football games, dress up on spirit days and make the most of it while you are able to.

DON’T: Let senioritis affect your work. Senioritis is definitely a real thing. One day you wake up and your mind decides that you’re done with high school, you get lazy and unmotivated. As bad as it may be, you can’t let it distract you from your work as it is going to be great practice for college.

DO: Spend time with your loved ones while you’re around. As excited as you are to go off for college and start a new life, always remember your roots and where you come from. Family are the ones who have been there since the moment you were born and will be your whole lifetime. Be sure to cherish them and spend time with them before you leave for months on end.

DON’T: Stress out over the little things. Senior year can be crazy and stressful but you have to keep your head held high and remember that you’re almost there and everything will fall into place eventually. Take it slow and definitely ask for help when needed.

DO: Take as many pictures as possible. This is your last year with the people you’ve gone to school with for many years. Document your time together, take silly pictures everywhere you go because one day these moments will only be memories but you can forever cherish them through the pictures you take.

DON’T: Rush it. As much as you think you’re ready to leave and get away from everything you’ve known the past four years, take some deep breaths and just take it slow. Stop and smell the roses while you can. When the day comes, you will most likely realize that you’re not as ready as you thought you were. If you spend your days wishing for college to come faster, you’ll miss all the amazing little moments happening right in front of you.

DO: Make it count. You’ve waited your whole life for this moment, gone to school for 12 years and now it’s finally coming to an end. Make the most memories while you can and enjoy the little things. Life truly starts the moment you graduate so enjoy your last year and make it the best you can. Go to all the high school events, make time for friends and family, do you work and do what makes you happy. One day you’ll look back and realize just how fast high school flew by and you’ll miss it.