Getting a prom dress for the perfect price


Prom came and went so fast, which means that the time to pick the perfect prom dress has come. In doing this, there are many aspects to consider – not simply the over all look of the dress. The buyer must consider the price and fit as well as design. 

The price range of the dress as a large effect on the shopping experience. The price determines where the buyer should shop for a dress and may also limit the quantity of dresses that are available for the shopper. Luckily, there are many store options to buy the perfect prom dress.

For an in store experience, a go-to local shop for lower-priced dresses is Windsor. At Windsor, Prom Dress prices range from 20 dollars to 250 dollars. Although 250 dollars sounds like a lot of money, the majority of their prices are relatively low. The dresses they sell have a variety of styles and aesthetics.

“I went shopping at Windsor because for junior year I was looking for something more simple but elegant and Windsor selection has plenty for that,” junior Nicole Burke said. “I ended up trying on five dresses when I only intended to go in to help my friend find a dress because I already had one. The fifth dress I tried on, I fell in love with and I couldn’t be happier. The low price was just a bonus!”

Online clothing stores such as Lulus and Zaful also have a wide range of prom dresses. The only risk with these stores is that returning  may be a bit of a challenge and the quality of dress is never truly known until the dress is in your own hands.

For someone who is willing to gamble buying or renting a dress online, there are sites that carry options for all types of buyers.

For the designer buyer there are online stores carrying designer dresses available for rent or purchase. Website,, offers dresses that have an extremely high retail cost to try for a reasonable price.

There is a vast majority of dresses available for any type of buyer with a designer eye. It may be stressful picking a dress online though because you will never know how much you really love it until you have it on. This is a large downfall for this website because refunds are not like regular stores for the reason that no matter what you will be returning the dress to the company.

When choosing a dress on, you choose the timeline that you would need the dress along with the typical needs such as style, brand and design. For the risky buyer looking for a couture look, this is the place for you.

Of course there are always big name companies that are familiar to society that people can always go to for an experience they are familiar with for their prom dress. Stores like Nordstrom  and Macy have a wide selection of dresses both in store and online.

With these big name retailers, you can even bring the Prom Dress Store home to you. If willing to spend extra money for a minimal amount of time, a buyer can order the dresses they love from the website, try them on at home, pick their favorite piece and get the money back for the dresses that just are not the one.

Another familiar company that carries “prom dresses” is Anthropology. In store and online they have partnered with BHLDN bridal. They have a decently sized selection of bridesmaid dresses that could easily be turned into someones perfect prom dress.

There of course are the expensive prom stores that carry popular dress designers such as Sherri Hill. The store in Del Mar is a great option for the buyer that is willing to spend a pretty large sum of money for the ultimate Prom look.

It is important to find a dress that is perfect for you. Having considered all of these steps, the perfect prom dress would have been found.