A sophomore with a passion for swim

A sophomore with a passion for swim

Sophomore Katie Brunson is a swimmer here at CHS has been swimming ever since she was a little girl. Brunson has just moved here from Phoenix, Arizona and hoped to be on her high school swim team. Being on a club team and a high school team back in Phoenix, Brunson has had a lot of experience with swimming.

At the beginning of the season Brunson started out on junior varsity but as the season progressed she made her way up to varsity. This past weekend Brunson competed at Leagues and earned her best time doing the 50 freestyle.

“Swim season here was truly amazing,” Brunson said. “It was filled with a lot of wins, time drops, and great memories. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

Brunson’s once in a lifetime experience on the CHS swim team truly made an impact on her and is something she will cherish forever. However, Brunson hasn’t been competitively swimming for her whole life, it was something she picked up in the last couple of years.

“My brother was trying out for a swim team when my mom called me over to also try out just for fun,” Brunson said. “Six years later here we are.”

Getting into competitive swimming can be challenging, but with perseverance, Brunson was able to do it. As of now, Brunson swims on NCA or North Coast Aquatics when she isn’t swimming for the high school. Brunson’s teammates also see how much effort she puts in a practice. 

“I think she puts a lot of dedication,” freshman Morgan Cummings said. “Working hard at practices and wants to do the work. Putting in the effort and making it fun all at the same time.”

Swim has had a really positive impact on Brunson’s life. From strong bonds to amazing experiences, the swim will have a lasting impact on Brunson.

“Swim has given me so many good memories and strong, close friendships that will last a lifetime,” Brunson said. “I am really grateful for this sport.”

Not only does swim create long-lasting friendships, but it also helps relieve stress for Brunson, which can be hard to deal with at this age. As can be seen, swimming really helps Brunson in her everyday life, not just staying in shape.

“Swim for me is a way to escape,” Brunson said. “I can hop in the pool and just swim all of my worries and troubles away.”