A freshman with a passion for singing


Freshman Olivia Drucker has had a passion for singing ever since she was able to talk. Throughout her middle school and high school career, she has taken up an interest in choir. As of right now, she is in Encore, the all-girls choir here at CHS.

“My parents have always encouraged me and they would always sing songs to me and I was able to catch on,” Drucker said.

With encouragement from her parents, Drucker has found a way to incorporate singing into her life. By doing musical theater and taking singing lessons she was really able to find her calling.

“I started playing piano and singing lessons when I was about five or six and I was in my first musical theater production in 2nd grade,” Drucker said.

Starting so young, Drucker has enjoyed this for a long time. For the future, she has many different dreams from recording music to auditioning for productions in Hollywood.

“I really want to take singing into my future,” Drucker said. “I have written many songs that I hope to write sheet music for and record. However, I really want to pursue acting in the future. As of now, I am in musical theater but I am hoping to audition for productions in Hollywood rather than Broadway.”

Not only is singing a large part of her life but acting as well. Drucker enjoys expressing herself through the art of musical theater and of course singing. Drucker has a special connection with singing, which is something rare that most do not have.

“I feel really happy and free,” Drucker said. “When I am with all my friends I can just have fun and goof off and make beautiful music.”

 Having such a great relationship with music is quite important for Drucker. Music can have a great influence in someone’s life. It can be used to relax or pump up. Moreover, each song has its own message and what it means depends on the person.

“It is so important in my life because every song has a meaning and everyone can interpret it in a different way,” Drucker said, “With singing, I am able to forget about all my problems and escape or I can even reflect on the chaos in my life.”