Five things everyone needs this summer


As summer approaches, there will be more summer adventures and spur of the moment beach trips that are very important to be prepared for. In order to always be ready for the perfect summer day, it is a good idea to keep your car equipped for whatever summer might bring. There are just six things to keep in your car for you to be ready at any moment.

  1. Swimsuit- To be ready for the beach it is vital to always keep a swimsuit in your car. “I have had so many moments during the summer where it has been beneficial for me to have my suit in my car,” junior Hailey Rutter said. “It is perfect when I am doing something before and don’t want to go home before the beach.”
  2. Towel- After you have used your suit gone in the water or even just laid out, you will need a towel, as any beach goer would know. “One time it was late at night and my friend and I decided to polar plunge,” junior Lily Dodge said. “I am so glad I had my towel in my car because I think I would have froze without it.”
  3. Beach Chair- When hanging out with friends or family at the beach it is always a good idea to have a beach chair handy so you are not forced to lay out. “I know that a beach chair is a kind of large item to keep in the car, but it is so worth it to have it whenever you go to the beach because it is so nice to be able to sit,” junior Cam Kremers said.
  4. Sunscreen- One of the most important things to keep in the car is sunscreen. Although this is often forgotten, skin care from the sun is needed. “My skin burns super easily,” senior Ella Pines said. “So it is really important that I keep sunscreen in my car because just in case I forget I will always have it.”
  5. Sunglasses- Just like sunscreen, sunglasses provide protection from the sun. They will keep your eyes safe from the sun and keep you from needing to squint constantly while enjoying your time on the beach. “I always keep my shades in the car because they protect my eyes and look pretty cool too,” Kremers said.