Some students hit the books, others hit the skies

Kane Alger shares his love of flight and dreams of becoming a pilot.


Although freshman Kane Alger may be known for being a twin, he is also known for his unique hobby. Kane has taken an interest in piloting early in his life and plans to continue to improve his skills with this trade in the future.

“[Kane] started flying when he was eight,” freshman Kara Alger said. “We got a plane, so he flies all the time, he is even going to fly my dad to Portland.”

Kane has been inspired by those around him, both friends and family, to continue down this path of being a pilot. Although he has flown almost his entire life, he has continued to increase the amount of time he spends in the air.

“I have about 27 hours [flying] and to get your license you have to have 34 [hours],” Kane said. “I just love it so I do it most weekends, its pretty fun. The first time I went up in an airplane, I knew that it was what I wanted to do.”

Unlike many high schoolers, Kane has already started planning his future in order to jumpstart a career in flying as soon as possible. By setting his goals, Kane has become inspired and strives to be the best pilot he can be.

“I know a few people who work for airlines and I texted them saying that I wanted to start flying and they set me up with a couple academies I could go to,” Kane said. “I picked three academies and then we bought our own plane, now I go up [flying] all the time. [In academies] I am able to book time, go fly and learn new stuff with an instructor. I’m doing ground school right now. It’s an online course and it takes a long time and then I’m planning to go to Arizona State University for flight academy.”

Kane has decided that flying is his passion and that he wants to continue improving his trade throughout the rest of his life. As this hobby is not like most, it can also turn into a career and be incorporated into Kane’s life when he becomes an adult.

“I want to be a pilot,” Kane said. “There is nothing else that interests me, that’s all I want to do.”