Q&A with Roger Casanova


AJ Griffin

Rodger stands for a photo, while overlooking the campus.

Campus safety supervisor Roger Casanova arrives at Carlsbad High School every day, intending to keep all the students on their best behavior. Given his military background, he performs his job well, and always with a smile on his face.

Lancer Link: In what department of the school do you work in?

Rodger: I am a campus safety supervisor. I ensure the safety and I help uphold the rules at the district here at the high school and ensure the kids are in class.

LL: How did you start working here?

Rodger: I started in 2013 after I got out of the Marine Corps. I figured ‘hey, I’m pretty good at protecting people,’ so I figured why not [help] a school, seeing what’s been going on in the world; I decided to look into this and I feel that I’m pretty good at it and wanted to keep the kids safe.

LL: How long have you worked at Carlsbad?

Rodger: I’ve been here five years. I’ve worked for the district for five years, [but] I was here in 2013 then left to Sage for one year and a year and a half for full time, then I came back to Carlsbad but it was a different environment.

LL: What do you like most about your job working here?

Rodger: The things I like most about my job are [I am] able to be around energetic people who are looking towards their future and being able to see what our future is going to look like. [I also enjoy] looking over all the community here and the co-workers that I have here. The students that are here are very unique and have a lot of talent, whether it be in education, athletics, singing, whatever it is, there is a lot of students here that generally want to do better for themselves and be better citizens as they go on and graduate and go to college.

LL: What draws you to stay working here?

Rodger: As I mentioned before compared to what I used to do in the Marine Corps, this is way easier, it’s fun and I get my summers off if I want so that is a plus. Though, overall it’s just the people I work with, the students that are here, the environment that is here and Carlsbad that just allows me to say ‘hey let’s go have a great day today.’