Kelly Frost contributes to Kids for Peace


Kelly Frost, senior, shares a moment with the kids that Kids For Peace helped in Kenya.

Whitney Ogden, Reporter

Senior Kelly Frost has been a part of Kids for Peace, a nonprofit organization striving to uplift our world with loving actions, for over 10 years. Kids for Peace , cofounded by Jill McManigal and Daniella Gram, initiated in 2006 in Carlsbad, CA, has been leaving a positive impact on childrens’ lives all over the globe.

While Kids for Peace is a relatively new organization, the impact the members make on the close and distant community is immeasurable. Due to the friendliness of the program, once someone joins, it is nearly impossible to leave, especially when it comes to Frost.

“Actually one of the cofounders of Kids for Peace, her son and I were in the same grade at the same school when she started it, so I’ve been with them since they created it,” Frost said. “For over ten years, since elementary school.”

So, what makes Kids for Peace worth being a part of? Simply put, the feeling after helping someone in need makes it all worth it. Kids for Peace members contribute in many different projects, whether it be a local dinner or going all the way to Kenya to help those most in need. 

“We have weekly meetings and get to see all the interns and we talk about he next Kenya trip,” senior Makayla Engebrits said. “Like right now we are helping with the Paradise fires so were getting gift cards, collecting them and sending them and every week is just a new experience and I love that.”

Not only does Kids for Peace allow members to feel the fuzzy feelings of giving, but it also provides them with necessary skills for their future. Many members join this organization through Carlsbad High School’s Academy Internship Program to learn more about their community and to help those in need. However, no one is required to join Academy Internship in order to be a part of Kids for Peace. 

“My involvement in Kids For Peace has impacted me because I’ve gotten to get more aware of my community and how to help it,” senior Connor Park said. “Also I’ve been improving my business skills and learning how to promote a business. You don’t have to be in internship academy or anything like that if you just want to help out with the community.”

Having been in Kids for Peace for so long, Frost has shown multiple efforts in helping in any project she can, including their annual Kenya trip. Without joining Kids for Peace, students could miss out on all the life-changing experiences.

“I think that every person can get something out of it whether it’s feeling the little something of giving or giving back to the community so you can see the other things people need help with and gives a new perspective on your life. Also, it’s a great heartwarming experience no matter how involved you are,” Frost said.