Uprising model walks her first runway

Bright lights, designer outfits and elaborate makeup are all aspects of a hobby that sophomore Linnea Howard is very familiar with. Howard is an aspiring teenage model who has had experience with this, since recently taking part in Fashion Week San Diego. Modeling is a hobby that most can only dream of, but for Howard, her dream has become a reality.

After participating in multiple modeling events, Howard was scouted to tryout for Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD). From there, she was chosen to take part in this event, which is a rare opportunity.

“I was the youngest model selected for Fashion Week San Diego,” Howard said. “It would probably be my greatest achievement for modeling because it was my first runway show.”

Along with this opportunity, Howard was one of the seven out of 90 models selected for Art and Beauty Night at Fashion Week San Diego. With the help of her hair and makeup crew, the designer created a look that resembled a painting, which Howard modeled down the runway.

“We created one cohesive look that showcased the painting,” Howard said. “It expressed multiple different art forms: clothing, makeup, hair and the painting itself. I was the physical embodiment of all the art coming together.”

Out of all aspects of modeling, one of Howard’s favorite parts is meeting and talking with new people. Through modeling, Howard has met a countless amount of people and has built many life-long relationships and connections.

“I love that we get to work with all these amazing people,” Howard said. “You get to meet and work with so many people, and build really great relationships through it.”

With the support of her family and friends, Howard feels more confident with herself when modeling. Howard expresses that friends help to boost her confidence with modeling, since models tend to feel self conscious on camera.

“She is really good at modeling and really likes it,” sophomore Sara Mone said. “I hope that she continues it in the future because of her talent.”

Howard has been scouted by modeling agencies, and hopes to sign with one soon. Although she only considers modeling as a hobby for now, she hopes to make something of it in her future.

“Modeling is a creative environment and everyone gets to work together to create a look,” Howard said. “It is an art form and you get to have this creative freedom, which I love.”