Trailblazing the media

Junior Leilani Brunt rises in the social media world with her style an taste.


In the prime of digital media each tweet, like and new follow becomes a stepping stone towards expanding their reach into the digital world. With a flair for style and a vision towards a bigger demographic, junior Leilani Brunt set out to achieve a more influential profile. The rebirth of her account would be a more self-expressive form of connection between her and her growing audience.

Brunt began to view social media as an opportunity to expand herself further then believed was possible. It wasn’t long after Brunt began to create a strategy towards boosting her prominence in the media that she began noticing a staggering increase in numbers. To Brunt’s surprise her new persona received a higher attention than expected.  

“I started being more active and began to notice a consistent growth in my social media,” Brunt said. “As soon as I started tagging brands, big and small, companies started reaching out to me for brand deals. The fans of the clothing accounts I was tagging would start following me too.”

With an increase in status, the chance of a developing an income from social media became a closer possibility for an up-and-coming media influencer. While designing a more contemporary profile Brunt’s brand deals began to reflect the multiple companies whose product mirrored her aesthetic. Her personal style is maintained through her posts, which is a significant factor in the growth of her social media presence.

“I try to mix trendy pieces with my own style while posting other things people would like,” Brunt said. “You can make money off social media, some of these youtubers and instagram models are making more every year, it’s insane.”

As an aspiring social media influencer, Brunt reflects on the opportunities our digital world gives. The media presents a creative outlet for those who evoke a passion towards various aspects in the digital age; discovering and developing unique skills.

“I never thought I would get asked to model for a company or do a brand deal,” Brunt said. “I thought you had to have a lot of followers for that, but you just have to reach the right audience.”