Top 10 things to do this Mother’s day

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November 17, 2016
  1. Make breakfast in bed – Making some pancakes with a side of strawberries is quick and easy. Even if it’s nothing fancy, some breakfast in bed is always a good way to show your mom you care.
  2. Buy her favorite flowers – Flowers are a beautiful addition to breakfast. If you don’t know her favorite flowers, then you can get the prettiest flowers you can find and buy those. You can even wrap them in a bouquet to fancy them up. 
  3. Make your own coupons – Make a little booklet full of your own coupons like a “coupon good for one foot massage”. Or, you could gather up some coupons for the store so your mom could save some money buying what she wants.
  4. Go out for dinner – Go out to your mom’s favorite restaurant. Going out to dinner is a great way to end a night out. Or, you can make dinner together at home which also a good way to spend time with your mom.
  5. Craft your very own emotional card – Something homemade and from the heart is always a good way to tell your mom how grateful you are. You can make your own card or you can make a card at the store and make it your own with your words.
  6. Go to the movies – Find the nearest movie theatre to watch a movie that looks interesting and it will be a great way to help your mom relax. You could also watch a movie in the comfort of your own home with some popcorn and cuddles.
  7. Get her a gift – It could be a homemade gift or maybe get a gift from the store- jewelry, a coffee mug or anything she has pointed out throughout the last few months that you know she wants.  
  8. Clean up the house – Everyone loves to wake up to a clean home, even if you just straighten up the pillows on the couch and pick up things off the floor.
  9. Spa day – Get her a nice manicure or go to a place where she can get a nice back massage. Getting a massage is a great way to let your mom be stress-free while treating herself and her body. Also getting a pedicure is a good way for her to feel good and relaxed throughout the rest of the day filled with plans.
  10. Just spend time with her – All any mother wants is to know their child loves and cares about them. Spending time with her is the best way to show that.