Shangri-la, Carlsbad High band

Rubie Riddle

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Sophomores Jake Watts, Foster Provo and Mitch Schreibman, perform in their band, Shangri-la, for Break the Chain Battle of the Bands, Saturday, Oct. 7. The Battle of the Bands competition was held at San Dieguito Academy to raise money to end human trafficking.

Shangri-la, a high school band of five, takes effect over the majority of the sophomore class with their exhilarating energy and meaningful music. The band is known throughout the grade and holds a reputation as one of the prime forms of entertainment off campus. Students have attended and will continue to attend their concerts as long as they wish to play.

Jake Watts, Foster Provo and Sean Boyle initiated the band Shangri-la after they quit their old group called Backwash. The name Shangri-la came from Jake Watts, who decided upon it, because he felt it best suited the group and the rhetorical translation is heaven.

“Foster and I actually felt as though we weren’t reaching our potential we wanted to play different instruments, and we had a different idea in our mind,” Watts said.

Provo and Watts transformed their fresh new view into their current group and took away only the experience Backwash left them with.

“Our style of music is a calibration of surf punk and rock with a psychedelic tone,” Watts said.

Watts expresses his vibe of music through the band’s eclectic differences. Past famous bands have played a big role in creating Shangri-la into its current state.

“A mixture between Led zeppelin, Nirvana, and Grateful dead, underground movement are some of the many bands that are influential to me and my music,” Provo said.

Provo, the band’s lead guitarist, singer and songwriter has shared part of his own vibe and reveals how he uses this passion within his own songs. Provo utilizes the entire group’s style to form the perfect sound that portrays their personalities.

“We joined the band because we love to perform and we have a strong passion for it,” sophomore member Nicky Francis said.

Francis, along with the rest of the group, has genuine fun playing and they consider each other not only their band mates but their best friends.

“Being in a band lets me get out there and have a good time with some of the most fun people,” Provo said.

Taking part in a band gives all the members a chance to truly express their artistic side and show their voice. This also provides the students of CHS and other schools with a fun opportunity to attend their concerts.

“I love to play music and I do not want to stop after high school band ended,” Provo said.

Provo took part in a high school band over this past year and found a love for performing. So, he incorporated his passion into his everyday life. Foster reveals that singing and performing is his main outlet for any stress that he needs to let go.

“Playing in Shangri-la is one of the most effective ways to express myself and get rid of any pressure I might be holding,” Provo said.

“I love to perform because being live on stage is one of the best feelings in the world”.

— Boyle

With the love for their band comes the feeling they get while playing together. The group hopes to advance the band for as long as possible.

“We plan on furthering our band past high school and into something thousands of people can enjoy,” sophomore member Mitch Schreibman said.

Shangrila-la is not just an average high school band, they have future plans to perform for vast audiences. They wish to provide music for many people to relish.

“I love to perform because being live on stage is one of the best feelings in the world,” Boyle said.