Tommy Lombardi takes editing to the next level


Courtesy of Tommy Lombardi

Sophomore Tommy Lombardi is developing his editing skills. Lombardi is beginning to produce and edit more video content.

Tommy Lombardi, a sophomore at Carlsbad High, has developed a love for editing videos. However, he does not only edit videos as a passion, but has started to edit for people throughout the community. He has picked up many video-making skills throughout his time as an editor that lead -tense   him to where he is today.

“I got introduced to editing through my friends and the people around me,” Lombardi said. “I was also [taught] how to edit from talking to people from YouTube, like Ryan Nangle.” 

Each video involves a very detailed process. Lombardi ensures that each video has every element that the audience wants to see. There are many steps that he has to go through to finish and edit each video.

“I first start with going different places to get the footage I will need for the video,” Lombardi said.“Then I work on the video for several hours to make sure it is the best it can be.”

Lombardi has also traveled to different places -this was said in the quote to capture new footage for his videos. He has also had clips for videos sent to him so he can start editing right away. Each new video usually means getting to travel somewhere different and new.

“I recently went to Santa Cruz, Costa Rica, Mammoth and many other places to get new footage for all of my videos,” Lombardi said. “This is also an opportunity for me to meet new people that are in the industry.”

Editing videos has always been one of Lombardi’s passions, but recently he has had many opportunities to edit videos for different people and companies. Each video that he is asked to edit is usually different than the last.

“I have made videos for Mackinzie Dae, Lensball, Ripit Vids, AxisGO, People Clothing Company, Cardiff Design, Doravo Designs, Alpha Media Agency a house tour and more,” Lombardi said. “They usually DM from Instagram and ask me to make or edit videos for them.”

With all of the steps in the process, Lombardi has chosen to favor some of those areas. Those parts of the process usually bring less stress to Lombardi so he can just focus on getting the best clips for the video.

“My favorite part about editing is exploring and getting new footage for my videos. I also like sending it with the boys for that footage,” Lombardi said. “It’s a really fun time for me and my friends.”

Senior Ryen Auten has been one of Lombardi’s friends while he has gotten more serious about editing videos. Auten has gone with Lombardi to film and had the chance to see him while he edits for different people.

“Tommy works very hard and works on his videos whenever he gets a chance,” Auten said. “He will stay up very late to make sure that his videos look the best that they can possible be for the people he is making them for.”

Lombardi has already worked on turing his passion into something he would like to continue in the future. This is a new way for Lombardi to meet people who also share the same passion as him.

“I would like this to be a part of my future because it allows me to go places,” Lombardi said. “It has allowed me to meet many new people and companies that will help me succeed later on in my career.”