Sophomore takes picture perfect career into her own hands


Courtesy of Soliel Graham

Sophomore Soliel Graham is an aspiring model. Graham is signed to LA Models.

Sophomore Soleil Graham has adopted a hobby most teenagers only dream to participate in modeling. This is not the typical teenage hobby, however Graham has discovered her love for this artistic outlet through inspiration from her mother. Graham has been modeling for many years and is very passionate about her time in front of the camera.

Graham was first introduced to modeling through her mother’s work. She would go along with her makeup artist mother to photo shoots. Spending time on set allowed Graham to admire the first hand accounts of modeling.

“My mom was a makeup artist,” Graham said. “I used to go to photo shoots and watch her do the models’ makeup and I would always say I wanted to be just like them.”

Being inspired at a young age led Graham to start playing around with the idea of being a model. Graham played her camera practicing modeling with friends. Sophomore Karissa Devich is one of Graham’s closest friends who loves looking back on those memories.

“Growing up we took pictures together with our iPhones, but now Graham has signed with a real agency and I’m really proud of her because she has really grown as a model and I have watched her confidence boost at school,” Devich said. “It’s really great seeing her improve as a person altogether.”

Graham dedicates many hours in order to be successful with modeling. She describes the hectic schedule of being a teenage model and what it’s like behind the array of photos.

“I have to wake up really early because we have to drive to Los Angeles, usually leaving around five in the morning,” Graham said. “I get my hair and makeup done and start shooting. “You have to be comfortable with the photographer and be able to move your body. Every time you hear the camera click you have to move to a different position. The day is very busy but very fun.”

Not only does Graham have big dreams for the future, but she is very proud of her past accomplishments and how her hard work and dedication has served her. Graham was given the opportunity to model for a well known dancer’s clothing company.

“My biggest accomplishment is when I did a shoot with Maddie Ziegler’s clothing company and I got meet her.”

— Soleil graham

“My biggest accomplishment is when I did a shoot with Maddie Ziegler’s clothing company and I got meet her,” Graham said.

Graham continues to grow as a model every photoshoot. She is driven to work hard and continue modeling to achieve her modeling dreams and turn her hobby into a career.

“One day I hope to sign with a bigger agency like IMG and walk in some fashion shows,” Graham said. “Walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is my biggest dream. I look up to Gigi Hadid because she is a very good model and has walked in Victoria’s secret fashion show.”