BRIEF: Winter choir show

The vocal music program holds their annual winter show.


Al Ayala

Choir students gather to sing a song together at their winter show. The winter show included individual performances and sets from each of the three choirs.

Alyssa Miller, Features Editor

On November 30 until December 2, the vocal music program will be having their annual holiday show, “The Magic of the Season”, at the Carlsbad Community Cultural Arts Center.

The music program has been preparing for this show since the beginning of the school year in their weekly practices. The show focuses on bringing the holiday atmosphere into Carlsbad through their spirited songs and high-energy dances, causing the audience to feel ready for the holiday season ahead.

Everyone should come see it because it gets you in the holiday spirit and makes you happy for Christmas.

— Lauren Blue

“We have been preparing for the show through our Thursday night practices every week plus our two hours in class,” Lauren Blue said. “It’s a really good show. Everyone should come see it because it gets you in the holiday spirit and makes you happy for Christmas.”

This performance also allows the singers to watch and support their friends as they execute their pieces, like solos and other groups that they auditioned for the show. Also, this show is a vital part of the music program’s funding for the rest of the year. They depend on this show to bring in enough money for their upcoming season. Coming out and seeing the show is an opportunity to support friends, family and the whole vocal music program.

“There is a lot of highlights of the show,” sophomore Emma Hoffman said, “but it is really cool to get to see your friends perform. My best friends are performing a duet and that is really cool to see. People should come out and see it to support their friends and to support people they do not know. It is really important that we get support because we do not have any sponsors, like Lancer Dancer’s or something like that, we have to raise our own money. This is really our only funding.”

The show not only gets the audience ready for the holiday season, but the singers get to enjoy the build-up to the holidays, too. From the songs to the costumes, everyone in the program is able to get into the holiday spirit.

“We all get to wear Christmas themed outfits and it is really fun,” Hoffman said. “It gets us all into the holiday spirit because we are singing Christmas songs for months before the show and we all get really excited.”