Weights and Aquatics make a splash


Jamie Morgan

Senior, Jake Lippert, arrives to school early in the morning for weight training. Him and his friends on the water polo team dedicate their time once a week to train at 6:30 in the morning.

When most students pull up to school around 7:30 a.m., complaining about waking up so early, they do not realize some of their peers have already been hard at work. Both girls and boys water polo get to school at 6:30 a.m. every other day to work out in the weight room followed by an entire class period dedicated to improving their game. Coach Feaster and students sophomore Katie Beninger and freshman Brooke Ochoa tell us about the experience.

“Normally I wake up at like 5:40,” said Beninger . “I get ready really fast. I usually eat in the car and I get to weights. We do our weight training stuff and then we walk up to the pool. We swim, do conditioning  and then get ready for school.”

Unlike most of students’ mornings, these players have a time limit for how much time they have to get ready for school in the morning.

“There is a lot of people that need to get ready in there and there are only four shower heads,” said Beninger. “With only 30 minutes, you kind of have to rush.”

Even though it may seen like a drag to put in the extra work, this class gives players and the team an advantage over other schools.

“In weights, we lift weights. In aquatics we do a lot of conditioning for our s

This is an extra hour and a half every other day you get to be in the pool working on your fundamentals and conditioning that other schools don’t have.

— Feaster

wimming and legs. We also work on passing, shooting and the fundamentals of the game,” said Feaster. “You still have your club polo and practices after school. This is an extra hour and a half every other day you get to be in the pool working on your fundamentals and conditioning that other schools don’t have.”

Coming into freshman year, Ochoa has been able to take advantage of this time and grow from the experience.

“My favorite part is the workout because I love working out especially because what I am trying to accomplish is strength.” said Ochoa. “I have to say that my least favorite part is probably waking up so early.”

One of the keys to success is setting goals. By putting in the work during weights and aquatics, these players are given the opportunity to improve.

“I have been doing weights and aquatics for two years now,” Beninger said. “I am trying to get stronger and be able to play better in the water. It has helped me a lot with my teamwork and just helping other people. We all have to work as a team during the class. As a player, it has helped me with my shot and just my overall strength in the water.”