Acoustic Club brings a new sound to Carlsbad


Danny Tajimaroa

Members of Acoustic Club Connor Watson, Socrates Kanetakis, Peroline Rouillard, and Brett Nedelman enjoy playing all different kinds of stringed interments. Acoustic Club meets every Friday in the library.

From the performances by the band and orchestra programs, to the powerful productions put on by theater and choir, there is a lot to be heard at Carlsbad High school. Throw in all the independent artists and bands to be found within the student body, and it is plain to see the immense importance music has on Carlsbad culture.  This year, a new club has been established to support these musicians in pursuit of their passion.

“I hope that Acoustic Club will foster the growth of musicians at CHS and create connections,” club president Connor Watson said. “If possible, maybe start new bands and groups.”

Connor’s own band – The Pendleton Bombs – plays at Carlsbad’s library.

“During sophomore year, I was told there was a group that used to play in the library,” Watson said. “I came by with my band, on and off for two years. This year, I decided to make it a formal club.”

Watson hopes the location will bring a fresh atmosphere and feeling to the library, which he feels could benefit from some live music.

“I think it’ll create a fun and exciting event for the library every Friday,” Watson said. “It has only continued to grow as word gets out.”

However, this club isn’t just for experienced or aspiring musicians – it’s open to anyone and everyone from Carlsbad.

“Anyone who has any interest in music is welcome,” Watson said.”Bring an instrument, your voice, or just your ears. There’s no commitment. All experience levels are welcome.”

The club is open to all genres and provides a new and fresh environment on campus. It has meetings every Friday at the library during lunch.

“Hopefully, this will inspire students who haven’t given musicianship a try, to pursue a new talent in an easy and fun way,” Watson said. “People are busy, and music is such a laid-back thing — why complicate it?”