Putting a spotlight on AP Art


Hanna Dupre

Senior Lane Larson works on her painting using water color. Over the course of the year, AP art students create 24 projects.

Carlsbad High offers many AP courses that give students college credit, and one class that is often looked over is AP Art.

AP art teacher Ms. Foulk is thinking about entering the students’ work of this year in the Vans competition, the Reflections competition, Project Snap, Carlsbad Oceanside Art League and the Carlsbad Women’s Club Contest.

“The AP students create 24 pieces of artwork, so it’s a lot of work,” Foulk said. “But, I am looking forward to seeing them come up with their unique pieces.”

Throughout the year, students will experience many different types of art including drawing, oil painting and photography.

“It’s hard, but it keeps your interest because it is challenging, ” Foulk said. “It helps you develop a portfolio for college. If you are you are going to college for anything in the field of art, then this is a perfect class for you to take.”

Students who plan on excelling in art during college take this class because of the creative environment and the exciting opportunities. Several AP art students plan on taking these opportunities and creating award-winning artwork.

“I want to major in gaming art which is basically art for video games,” senior Clariessa Swan said.

Even though getting college credit is a plus, not all students have to carry on with art as a career.

“Lots of the students end up not necessarily doing art as a degree in college,” Foulk said. “They still take art classes and it still benefits them like as if they are in science. [Art] helps you think more creatively and outside the box to solve problems better.”

Taking AP art could influence every aspect of an aspiring artist’s life because of the impact it has on the world.

“People that don’t even think they’re going to go into the field of art often end up in the art field because the art field is everywhere,” Foulk said. “Almost everything these days involves some sort of art.”