Choir tries to recruit boys


Marianna Marsden

Choir attempts to bring in more boys due to the lack of gentlemen signing up for the class.. To be in choir go to Mr.Bullock in room 5003.(Photo Illustration)

There was  a time when choirs were at the peak of their fame and boys and girls rushed to join them. Famous bands and other solo singers inspired kids to let out their singing spirits and follow their footsteps.

Now artists like Adele, Lorde and P!nk stand as examples of talented (female)  singers who follow this formula, and by being more appealing to girls they are a huge reason that more and more girls are joining choir. But choirs are still lacking something… boys. For whatever reason, less boys are joining choir and their absence is causing a vivid mark on our choir’s performance.

“We have too much of a female sounding choir,” sophomore choir member Natalie McKittrick said. “We need more of a balanced tone in order to balance out the choir and make it sound better because the judges are not looking for an all girl choir.”

Even though CHS’s choir is one of the most notable in the county, the addition of male singers will boost up its performance. The lack of deeper and baser male voices in any choir makes it sound uneven. Perhaps the evolution of electronic music and the rise of rap has caused a disinterest of boys towards choir. Whatever the reason is, Carlsbad High’s choirs need more boys.

“It is a great experience, we get to sing famous songs, we travel to other states and schools and we also have many good-looking girls,” choir director Mr. Bullock said. “People can sign up for choir anytime and we would be more than happy to have more guys in our group.”

If enough guys sign up, the possibility of having an all boys choir isn’t that far. Aside from old harmonic melodies, choir loves working on more modern songs and new top hits. Such an example is their recent presentation of “Royals” by Lorde on CHSTV.

The advantages are plenty, the requirements are few and and the experience is unique. What do you have to lose? All you need is a good voice, a love towards singing and you’re in.