Coffeehouse night provides a splash of the arts


Mitchell Aragon

Senior Alexa Harris performs at Drama and Improv Club’s Coffee House Night at Barnes and Noble fundraiser on Wednesday night. The proceeds from the night and sales throughout the week will benefit the theatre department.

Picture this: you are sitting in a comfy plush chair sipping a delicious cup of hot coffee, while watching an entertaining show performed by Carlsbad High School’s gifted students.  Where can you sign up, you say? Well the answer is easy, just come to the next coffeehouse night!
 “As drama club vice president, it is my responsibility, along with President Evan Ridpath to organize these coffee house night events,” junior Max DeLoach said. “We have them throughout the year to provide students from all walks of life with a chance to showcase their talents.  Everyone is encouraged to participate!”
Coffeehouse night is a unique event hosted by the drama club several times per year, which recently took place on Wednesday, Mar. 13. Student performers displayed their impressive talents such as acting, singing, improv, playing an instrument and even magic. Coffeehouse night provides a creative outlet for really anyone to reveal their passions.
“Performing at coffeehouse night feels amazing,” junior Karinya Ghiara said. “The atmosphere is incredibly fun and supportive, and everyone truly enjoys eachother’s company and the exciting talents everyone brings. It is so fun to sit in the audience and see how many talented people there are at Carlsbad High!”
The latest coffeehouse night was extra special because Barnes and Noble contacted the theatre department and offered to sponsor the event. Usually, the coffeehouse night is held in the drama room, so the theatre students were elated to have their event in such a professional performing environment. Barnes and Noble even organized a fundraiser, where a portion of anything bought by those affiliated with the school would go to the CHS arts department.
“The atmosphere at coffeehouse night is best described as warm, welcoming, and just generally enjoyable,” DeLoach said. “This time especially took on an added air of professionalism and authenticity since we were able to hold our coffee house night in a book store, connected to a coffee shop!”