Illuminations literary magazine accepts applications


Editor Talia Cain works hard on the Literary Magazine. Applications for the Literary Magazine are being accepted now.

Interested in sharing your creativity with the entire campus? Volume two of Illuminations is being assembled now. A literary magazine is a publication centered directly around all types of literature and art, and currently, the Illuminations staff is accepting art, poetry, short stories, photography and other material for their next issue.

After the success of CHS’s  first published literary magazine last year, the 2014 Illuminations staff is ready to produce another impressive product.

“I thought Illuminations was good for a first edition,” junior and editor-in-chief of Illuminations Georgiana Gnibus said. “It’s awesome that we started a tradition, and it’s only going to go uphill from there. If that’s the first work and that’s what we’re starting with, I can’t even imagine how good it is going to be.”

The changes in this year’s literary magazine include replacing the paper pages with bigger, glossier magazine pages. The Illuminations staff also hopes to see more submissions entered, in order to choose from and implement more works.

“We are going to have it be on higher quality magazine paper,” junior Talia Cain said. “It is more professional. The submissions will be higher quality too, and hopefully, we will have more submissions because more people know about it this year.”

The Illuminations staff encourages everyone to submit their work, but keep in mind that not all the works can be published.

“As much as we would like to include everything, it has to be condensed,” Cain said.

The works that are chosen will be shared with the entire campus. For inspiration, you can view last year’s edition of Illuminations.

“We choose things we think deserve to be shown to the school– works that show what the artists are made of,” Gnibus said. “That’s all we are doing,  showcasing that talent. Illuminations is another medium to show off your talent to the student body and express yourself.”

Both students and teachers can submit but all submissions must be entered by March 30. Submitting your work to the literary magazine provides an opportunity to have your creative ideas shared throughout the campus and put into a printed publication.

“I already did submit work,” senior Zoe Brodsky said. “I absolutely hands down recommend that people submit. It’s a really good way to express yourself. Writing is part of me, part of who I am, and I know it’s the same for others, too.”