Brace yourself for the upcoming TV show seasons


Pop some popcorn, hop on your couch, it’s showtime. Here are the shows that you should check out as new seasons of entertainment begin to unravel.

: Dreamlike, beautiful and somewhat unsettling, Hannibal catches the attention of the audience with it’s bleak and disturbingly beautiful ‘art.’ Not recommended for those faint of heart, the ‘art’ captures the sick and twisted beauty of death and murder.

Hannibal deals with the story of Will Gram who battles insanity trying to find serial killers. He is able to get in the mind of the killers, but begins to lose himself as the barrier between work and real life breaks down. Although Hannibal serves as Will’s psychologist,┬áthe audience knows that Hannibal is the killer and he wants Will lose his mind. The new season premiered on Friday, Feb. 28.

Game of Thrones: On their fourth season, Game of Thrones brings back medieval times with magic and dragons. One of the most popular shows, Game of Thrones captures the audience with intense action that keeps on building since Season 1.

Various kingdoms fight for the Iron Throne and Dragons are growing up, while winter has come. Politics, deception and action keeps this show interesting and one of the best. The only downside to this show is; there is no winner and everyone you love dies. Premiering on April 6.

House of Cards: The show unravels a new view on the fast-paced politics and power plays to move up in the world of politics. Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, constantly breaks the fourth wall, which keeps the audience in touch with his thoughts. He has an unusual ability to connect with people and know what they want, so he uses it against them to manipulate them. The new season is released on Netflix.

The Americans: During the time of the Cold War, The Americans shows the effects of the Red Scare and terrorism in America. Deception, spy gadgets and romance, this show is a constant thrill rush following Russian insurgents living in America to gather information. The FBI begins to pick up on their trail and they have to be extremely careful not to start a war. Premiered on Feb. 26.

Walking Dead: What could be more appealing then zombies? Originating from the popular comic series, The Walking Dead moves to its fourth season on screen. Sporting a large fan-base, The Walking Dead continues to impress critics and viewers alike with its visually pleasing effects and interesting plot lines. Some past seasons are on Netflix, go check it out if you have not seen it.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Legit on FX and other great shows that are releasing their new seasons. Check them out!