Feeding America one bowl at a time


Mac Harden

Ceramics class has created little bowls for charity through the Feed America Organization. The non-profit organization provides food to hungry San Diegans, and these bowls are just as important as the actual food itself.

Creativity is key, especially in art class, and this month CHS students will be able to show their creative side while making a difference in the world. CHS students will be using their talents to help an important cause in San Diego. Coming up in next few months, the ceramic classes will be making special bowls that will serve as a fundraiser to raise money for an important cause.

“We are planning to have a lunch  where we will be selling the bowls we made,” art teacher Mrs. Francios said. “All the money we make from the event will be donated to the non-profit organization Feed America.”

On April 17 at lunch, ceramic students will be serving salad and bread sticks out of the bowls being sold. All the money that is made at this event will be donated to the Feed America Association, plus a few extra bowls made just for the people the students will be helping.

“The process of making these bowls may seem easy, but it is actually pretty challenging,” senior Elisse Kunin said“We are trying to make the bowls to the best of our abilities to hopefully get them to sell, because we really want to raise money for this organization.”

The Feed America Organization San Diego was founded in 2007. It is the largest hunger relief in San Diego County, and it helps save hundreds of peoples lives everyday. The bowl project CHS has created is only one of the many ways people can help the hungry in San Diego. To learn more about the bowl project and others like this visit http://feedingamericasd.org/ .

“I really like helping this organization because many people in America do not realize how many people starve everyday,” senior Keenan Kanahele said. “I think this organization can really open people’s eyes and also really helps the people that are suffering from hunger.”

While these students are not only doing a good deed to change the world, they are making a big effect on their own community. Not just in our small town of Carlsbad but all over San Diego, people are fighting the battle of starvation.

“I don’t think that people realize that hunger actually hits places like Carlsbad or San Diego,” Kunin said. “We live in such a nice area, and people don”t think this issue really touches us.”