Brock Stuessi is beyond the BASSic student


Mac Harden

Brock Steussi shows his pearly whites while sharing a laugh in orchestra class. Brock works extremely hard in and out of the classroom on schoolwork and the bass.

An aspiring artist, senior Brock Stuessi serves as an inspiration as he strives in the fields of orchestral and jazz music. However he is also driven by those around him to practice and become a better musician.

“I wish I had Brock’s dedication; he strives for greatness of string,” junior Emma Wood said, a fellow orchestra member. “He is always so involved in and out of school, aspiring for a higher level of expertise with that monster instrument.”

Stuessi plays the bass, a huge instrument used in orchestra. He not only is part of orchestra, but other musical endeavors outside of school. He partakes in bands and occasionally plays jazz at small venues. Stuessi’s music is also posted on SoundCloud for anyone interested in listening to more of his material.

When not expanding his jazz talents, he works to excel in school and keep good grades. He spends his time outside of school surfing, drinking tea, playing board games, doing yoga, reading and learning piano. Rather than limiting himself, he likes to expand his interests and often tinkers in the field of rearranging and writing compositions.

“In music, the bass is not thought of,” Stuessi said. “Although it is always forgotten, it is the base of the orchestra and I love it. Also, I have composed a song for a quartet. I try to write compositions, but typically I do more rearranging. I hope to eventually write a composition for our orchestra here.”

Playing the bass since 6th grade, Steussi hopes to continue playing bass for jazz in college. He wishes to go to NorthWestern University, where they have excellent jazz faculties and opportunities.

“I don’t want to limit myself to one field; I want to be a student of the world,” Stuessi said. “I want to leave a lasting impression. Even if it just in my community, I want to change how people come to know music. I want it to effect people past my lifetime.”