Cheer teams give back to teachers


Marianna Marsden

For teacher appreciation, cheerleaders are putting gold stars on teachers doors. At the basketball game on Feb. 21 the cheerleaders are recognizing the teachers.

They can be your second parent, mentor, friend or role model– commonly, they are known as teachers. Despite their role in a student’s life, no one can deny that teachers work hard every day to ensure a student’s success. Regardless of the subject, grade or school, they all have the common goal of preparing kids for the future and helping them do their best– and this year, the cheer teams are recognizing them for doing so.

“For teacher appreciation, the ASB class is making ribbons that the cheer teams will hand out to teachers of their choice,” junior and member of the varsity cheer team Briette Pietrocini  said.

The teachers at CHS go beyond expectations; they teach, but they also show support for the students, the school and the extracurricular activities on campus. To represent the teacher’s efforts outside of the classroom setting, the cheer teams have decided to add a more personal touch to the project.

“We are also going to make stars to decorate the teachers’ doors,” Pietrocini said. “The decorations will show why they are our favorite teacher and how they have influenced us.”

The teacher appreciation festivities will begin on Wednesday of next week and will continue until Friday, which is also Senior Night. These activities will add to the already growing buzz of the Senior Night basketball game.

“We are going to give the ribbons to our teachers on Wednesday, and then on Friday, we will decorate their doors,” Pietrocini said. “Hopefully, the teachers will show their support and wear the ribbons to the game.”

Through ribbons and decorated doors, the cheerleaders want to show gratitude for everything the teachers at CHS do for them and the rest of the students.  Even though they have never done an event like this before, they are excited to shine the spotlight on the teachers who deserve more recognition.

“Teachers do so much for us, and we don’t take enough time to show we appreciate them,” sophomore Lindsay Nipper said. “This will be a great way to say thank you to all the teachers that help us.”