Orchestra plays their way to Carnegie Hall


Mac Harden

Orchestra devotes their class period to practice for their upcoming trip to New York. The CHS orchestra is traveling to New York with Mrs. Hall to preform at Carnagie Hall.

Carnegie Hall, the place where dreams come true– and it seems Carlsbad High School orchestra’s dreams are coming true as well. Soon, CHS orchestra will be traveling all the way to New York City to perform on the very stage that has been home to some of the worlds greatest artists, musicians and performers.

“Carnegie Hall is one of the most famous places to play music,” senior Josh Seemann said. “It’s one of the best places to perform because it is such a great stage and really good acoustics. We have just began to put our pieces together, and we are thrilled we get to play them there.”

They feel especially fortunate to have the opportunity to go and perform at this iconic venue, yet with such opportunity comes a price. They have been doing many fundraisers to help pay for their exciting adventure.

“This trip is probably one of the most exciting trips that has every happened to orchestra,” senior Carrisa Robinson said. “This year we have been raising money by doing gift wrapping over the holiday, as well as some local concerts. After finals week, we are really going to step up our game and start practicing really hard.”

Luckily, they have an excellent leader to help keep the students on track. All the musicians remark on her excellent advice and guidance, and owe many of their opportunities to her.

“Ms. Hall is definitely the most motivated person when it comes to this trip,” Robinson said. “We are really excited that she put this together. When she told us we were going to Carnegie hall, it was such a surprise to us.”

The environment will be nothing like they’ve experienced before; Carnegie Hall is the biggest stage that these students will perform on. However, these students are not intimidated and are focusing on delivering the best they can offer.