Lancer Dancers prepare to take back first place


Marianna Marsden

The Lancer Dancers come together to talk about upcoming Nationals. Nationals is held in Disney World in Orlando,Florida.

The junior varsity and varsity dance team, Xcalibur and Lancer Dancers, will be leaving for the National Dance Competition in Orlando Florida on Jan. 30. After holding the first place title for many years, Lancer Dancers came in second in hip-hop and fourth in jazz last year after moving up to the large group division. These results motivated the team to work hard to win back their first place title at this year’s competition.

“We are persevering in order to win again. We have practice every Wednesday through Saturday and they are nine to ten hours,” sophomore Ana Reed Grass said.”We are just keeping our energy up and staying optimistic because we know we deserve this title.”

Nationals is far from just a competition for the team. They have learned that working hard towards a goal, often results in it becomes a very important and consuming aspect of your life. And these dancers hold their passions very close to their hearts, making soul a key motivator.

“Nationals is really important to the team because it allows us to show people what we can do, ” junior Catherine Lee said. “It provides friendly competition and a challenge and that’s what makes it fun. It would be really great if both teams could win first because it would show that all our hard work has paid off.”

Not only does Nationals offer a goal for the team but it also bring the team closer together. The pressure to succeed and maintain their reputation as top dance teams in the country falls evenly on each one of them. In a situation like this, not only do their dance moves have to be perfectly in sync, but their mindsets as well.

They must learn to support one another, and bear the pressure as one. Utilizing each other’s strengths and supporting each other’s weaknesses is sure to bring fantastic results for these lovely ladies who have worked so hard. Make sure to wish both dance teams the best of luck at Nationals.