Lovaas blooms in the music industry


Marianna Marsden

Carlsbad’s rising musician, Cody Lovaas, can be seen performing in coffee shops such as Jitters. Cody is only 15-years old but already has developed a major fan base and was recently featured in “Carlsbad Magazine”.

The unknown. Such a mysterious concept can be scary to many, but also courageous for the few who dare venture across its territory.

“In middle school, he was just another face in the crowd,” sophomore Maddie Sarcinello said. “But now he’ll be like Justin Bieber in five years.”

Earlier this year, Carlsbad Magazine published a story on an aspiring singer and songwriter named Cody Lovaas for their November and December 2013 issue. The article recounted the story of the 15-year-old Carlsbad resident, from when he first picked up a guitar to his big break: signing with Bill Silva, the manager for Jason Mraz.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Silva Family,” Lovaas said. “They are the best.”

What made history for Cody was his experience at the Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside. After succeeding Jason Mraz’s act, what was supposed to be a couple songs changed to a tender moment as Cody played one more song. He strummed his guitar, and played an original song he wrote the night before and named “Hoping” on the spot.

“I have always been kind of extreme with risks and doing something random at times,” Lovaas said. “It was just really clear to me at that moment– anything else would have been insincere.”

A leap of faith was taken that night, and it landed Cody onto a steady escalator northwards. Now signed and with over 1,500 subscribers and 90,700 collective views on his YouTube channel, he is on the rise. Unlike the typical examples of irresponsible teenagers rising to stardom, Cody does not plan on letting his rise lower his sense of humbleness and respect for who he is and where he comes from.

“My parents are amazing and support every move I have made,” Lovaas said. “Coming from a loving home has helped, because I feel it takes the same effort to write about good things as bad things.”

And as it is the first and foremost goal of many musicians, Lovaas will emulate positive influences.

“I haven’t heard of him up until now, but I got to say, bro is a bro,” senior Dallin Haslam said. “He really sends out good vibes.”

Though his ambitions are not fully met yet, no such journey is made with ease.

“We all do music because we love it, not for mention,” Lovaas said.

Take a look at Lovass’ social media accounts to hear his musical journey.

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