To ditch or not to ditch?


Tyler White

Overly dramatic senior ditch day

Year after year, seniors at Carlsbad High School designate one or two days to ditch school. Yet this year students are realizing that senior ditch day might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

The first senior ditch day was only partially successful because it was announced and then later cancelled. However, plenty of seniors do not participate in this because their teachers go on with their lesson plans whether students ditch or not.

“Even if senior ditch day was on a solid date, I would still come to school,” senior Lauren Kirkwood said. “Just because the teachers know we are ditching doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to teach, if anything they get a little mad.”

Some students do not to participate in senior ditch day because of confusion.  The date will be created and agreed upon, and then before the execution, the date changes. Thus, senior ditch fails to include many of the seniors and confuses most of them as well.

In some cases, students choose to ditch because they are making senior memories or have other priorities. Also, seniors are more open to participate in ditch day as they develop the mentality that missing one day of school is not the end of the world.

“I went to school last time when there was a senior ditch day,” senior Alana Fletcher said. “I had heard rumors that teachers purposefully assigned tests or group work, just anything that would make it difficult for the students to make up.”

Seniors still ditch on senior ditch days because they feel it is a tradition and an experience they do not want to miss out on. However, missing school work might not be worth the hype.

“There is supposed to be only one ditch day, so it is not too bad if you miss two days of school,” Kirkwood said. “However, the dates are always kind of up in the air until about a day before we are supposed to ditch. And if a test falls on one of those days, I won’t miss it.”