Speech and Debate advances to the Winter Classic


Kaitlyn Joe

The Speech and Debate team fills the gym after awards ceremony for their first League IE Tournaments. As of last year, the team was recognized as being in the top 1% of the best speech teams in the nation.

Speech and Debate has always been a strong point, and this year, Speech and Debate takes it to the next level in their competitions. This weekend, La Costa Canyon High will hold a winter invitational for the top rank students, in which many of our students qualify for.

“A few weeks ago, we competed in a big competition,” freshman Julia Taliana said. “Overall, we did very well, and we are now in the top one percent which is a huge achievement. Going into the Winter Classic this weekend, we have many great students competing, and I think our team is going to do very well.”

Many students in Speech and Debate placed very high and are able to move on to the Winter Classic. Students will now push themselves and work on all speeches and try different strategies to try to place better.

“Going into this competition, I think I really need to work hard,” junior Isabelle Lee said.”I really want to take my speeches to the next level and practice to tip perfection. In our last competition, we did excellent and our novice  group placed first in three events. I placed third in my event, so I really want to step it up in the Winter Classic.”

At this annual Winter Classic Tournament, there will be more than 50 school and more than 1000 people competing from four different states. The Competition will be held Saturday and Sunday and students will be able to enter up to four events. This tournament, Mrs. Curtis wants to ensure that the novices are well-prepared.

“This weekend is a very large tournament that has schools from all around,” Speech and Debate teacher Mrs. Curtis said. “This is the first time that our novice will be competing as varsity members so that will be a big step for them. I expect we will hold our own. I hope we do very well as we normally do, but since this is a very competitive tournament, we have  been really gearing up for it.”