Student art shines at CAC exhibition


Adoley Swaniker

A sculpture of an elephant, created by senior Shane Nowak, is put on display at the Art Exhibit in the CAC. Every year, students’ artwork is put up in the CAC for all residents to see, offering great opportunity for students to express themselves.

The walls of the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center are currently lined from front to back with the work of dozens of Carlsbad’s young artists. The exhibition features a variety of works from students from all the art department classes and will be open through December 17.

The exhibition features everything from paintings of flying sharks to portraits of Ronald Reagan. Junior Jenna Palm, the artist behind the flying sharks painting, received the recognition of 1st Best in Show Runner Up,

“It’s always an honor to place in the art show because there are a lot of really great artists at our school,” Palm said.

Best in show went to sophomore Madison Nelson for her varying pictures of a woman with her hands clasped together. Madison, however, was shocked to hear of her recognition.

“I wasn’t expecting to place highly at all,” Nelson said. “I wasn’t quite satisfied with the end product, but it’s a huge honor to be recognized for my work.”

Satisfied or not, Nelson took the highest recognition. The extraordinary amount of time and work she put into creating her painting has led to her painting being distinguished from dozens of others.

“Mine took a lot longer to make than most people’s because it was extremely detailed,” Nelson said. “It took about two weeks for me to create.”

Regardless of each individual artists’ placing, audiences were still captivated by the students’s work in the exhibition.

“I was amazed by the level of artistic talent we have at our school,” said junior Nick Poser. “Each painting was great and the sheer amount of paintings here is incredible.”

The artists love what they do and that level of caring and commitment is apparent in their artwork. For these artists art isn’t just something they just do for a grade, it is their passion.

“Art plays a big role in my life,” Nelson said. “It’s a kind of a way for me to get away from all my homework and my stress. School is literally like my life right now and art is an escape.”

Now with this art on exhibit, the audience has an escape as well.