“On the Razzle” amuses audiences

“On the Razzle” captures the romantic struggles and mistaken identities of a grocery store in an Austrian Village. Two grocery baggers Weinberl, played by senior Evan Ridpath, and Christopher, played by junior Theo Vance, get promoted by their boss, so they struggle to create a story for themselves and experience life before they move up the social ladder. The men decide to take a trip to Vienna while their boss is away, but they end up outrunning their boss around the city.

Although the play circles around the two grocery baggers “On the Razzle”, everyone plays a major part in the play. Herr Zangler, their boss, played by Max DeLoach, endeavors himself to make it his mission to ruin the romantic relationship between Marie, his niece, played by senior Jessica Streich, and the poor pauper Sonders, played by senior Adam Gilmore. He ruins his own date with his soon-to-be wife to prevent Marie from marrying a poor suitor.

DeLoach does an excellent job of playing Herr Zangler. He captures the problems and stress of a parent perfectly; his dialogues make him the perfect character to hate. DeLoach portrays Zanglers as the typical higher-class rich person with his self-destructive arrogance and high-maintenance personality. While the audience have to understand his concerns for his niece, he goes about it the wrong way. Though Zangler has very serious monologues the maid, played by senior Ally Mason, provides comical relieve to break the tension by acting clueless.

The main issue of the characters is the mistaken identities that bring the characters into bad situations and provide comedy for the audience. Mistaken identities lead characters like Weinberl to fall into a fake marriage with Frau Fischer, played by senior Valerie Maybaum. Even Sonders and Marie see Weinberl dressed up as the Herr, which he allows them to run off on a date. The whole story circles around Vienna: Weinberl and Christopher look for an adventure, Sonders and Marie spend time together while Zangler hopes to intrude on their supposably ‘blessed’ date.

The sound crew does a great job of bringing the audience back to Vienna. The production and costume crew create wonderful old-timey costumes and sets to convey the looks of the 1920’s. The crew does a great job creating the atmosphere around the actors, which the audience has to appreciate.

“On the Razzle” has clever jokes and outright shenanigans that makes the show hilarious and fun to watch. The play has a unsuspected resolved ending that reinsures the audience and leaves a feel good atmosphere. If you ever get the chance, go see a show produced by our fellow CHS students, it is well worth it.