CHSTV and Chamber Singers collaborate to film anthem for First Amendment national tour

Recently, Chamber Singers and CHSTV were given the unique opportunity to unite for a powerful cause to give Carlsbad the chance to be heard and seen across the country.

Mary Beth Tinker, an iconic image of freedom to young journalists and broadcasters, has embarked on a journey to deliver and defend her message of free speech to youth across the nation. She hopes to define, protect and ensure the First Amendment rights while encouraging the promotion of youth voices. As the Tinker Tour has continued to expand and influence wider audiences across the nation, she turned to CHS for assistance in conveying her message in a more creative context.

“Marybeth Tinker needed a song for her assemblies on free speech and came to us to ask if we could produce a video of it and have the choral group sing it,” CHSTV adviser Mr. Greene said. “This is a big thing for us; it means we are a part of history.”

A representative from the Student Law Press Center had worked with CHSTV on one of their recent documentaries and recalled their excellence throughout the experience. This led to the recommendation that sealed the opportunity.

“It was cool to have someone from the national level come to us,” Chamber Singer senior Isaac Brieske said. “Having the opportunity to work with outside sources and contemporary composers is an important aspect of modern world performing.”

With the prestige of both groups being recognized at a national level, they teamed together for critical task at hand. However, no one was worried about the different dynamics distinct to each group hindering the experience or final product.

“CHSTV and our choir program have worked well together in the past,” choir teacher Mr. Bullock said. “We recently recorded a National Anthem for 9/11 and it was a successful partnership.”

The nature of their relationship was a huge part in what made the end product so successful. While CHSTV was responsible for making the video look just right, choir had to sound just right.

Chamber Singers developed a connection to the song that was written, and they worked hard to create the perfect harmonies. The final product surpassed expectations for those involved and is now being shown as she tours across the nation.

“It meant freedom. It meant liberty. It meant America,” Brieske said. “That’s what it is all about.”