Dispelling the rumors surrounding Winter Formal

As Homecoming fades into a distant, fond memory, students eagerly anticipate the next upcoming dance: Winter Formal.

Two years ago, ASB adapted the idea of a backwards Prom, commonly called “Morp”. With a casual Sadie Hawkins theme, the idea of a Morp dance provided a unique twist on the traditional school dance. However, due to the carelessness of some students, Carlsbad High has lost the opportunity to host another Morp this year, and ASB has decided to overcome this set back by having a Winter Formal dance instead.

“We wanted to carry the idea from Morp since we weren’t allowed to have another Morp dance,” senior and Winter Formal chair Kaytlin Barr said.”We wanted to try something new but also incorporate some of the traditions from Morp.”

Similar to Morp, Winter Formal will carry on the girls-ask-boys theme to provide a change from Homecoming and Prom. ASB also plans to host a Winter Formal contest in which the girl who asks the guy in the most creative way will win a prize.

“From a guy’s point of view, I really like the girls-ask-boys idea,” senior Joe Behun said. “It takes stress off of asking, and it’s exciting to see who will ask you for a change.”

However, unlike Morp and Homecoming, Winter Formal will have a formal dress code to make it more like Prom. ASB plans to work alongside Friar Tux to further promote long dresses and tuxes.

“Its going to be like a prom for all ages,” Barr said. “We really want to promote a formal dance as a change from MORP. It’s a prom for every grade, so it’s an event for everyone to enjoy.”

To make this dance unique, Winter Formal will have a King and Queen for each grade level. CHS students from all grades can nominate one girl and one boy to be crowned.

“Its a great way for all students to be involved, not just juniors and seniors,” Barr said.

To clarify the confusion and to stop the rumors surrounding the location of the dance, ASB states that the Winter Formal will be held in the Lancer Arena just like Homecoming. Due to weather concerns, ASB is unable to have the dance on the football field, but ASB ensures that this set back will not affect the quality of the dance.

“We’re really trying to make this dance top Homecoming this year,” Barr said. “We want each dance to be better than the last and we’re trying to start a legacy. Our goal is to top each dance each time to draw more students to the dances.”