Tying knots around drugs and alcohol

During the last week of October, schools ranging from elementary school to high school participate in Red Ribbon Week–the national awareness week that advocates against drug and alcohol abuse. As campuses wave red flags, ribbon-ties, bows and posters, students are engulfed by the annual movement. The spirit of the event cannot be missed.

“Red Ribbon Week is important because it helps spread awareness about destructive decisions,” junior Grady McDermott said. “Students need to know the effects of drugs and how drugs can take away from their character and change them into someone they’re not.”

Most students understand and respect the importance of the week, especially in younger grade-schools. Students try to reach out to the younger children because they know how their future can be effected.

“It is important for all grades to participate in Red Ribbon Week because it sets kids up for a good future,” senior Courtney Carterette said. “If it sticks with them now, hopefully it will stick with them for the rest of high school and their life.”

The students illuminate the the campaign even more by participating in a dress up spirit week as well. Monday is Wear Red Day, Tuesday is Superhero Day, Wednesday is Crazy Hat Day, Thursday is appropriately designated as Halloween Costume Day and Friday is Lancer Colors Day. To further prove that drugs and alcohol are dangerous influences, Carlsbad High showcases a car that has been totaled by a drunk driver to reveal the result of drunk driving. Often, the windows are shattered, the seats catapulted forward and the doors are contorted. CHSTV will cover the car’s story piece by piece and reveal parts throughout the week.

“The story that goes along with the car, because it is so local, will definitely hit home for some people,” junior Katie Beyer said. “By seeing the destruction of their potential decisions, the car will hopefully impact students into making positive life decisions.”

In addition, ASB is releasing 48 biodegradable balloons into the sky at the football game this Friday night. One teenager dies every hour on the weekend from drug and alcohol abuse. These balloons symbolize one weekend’s worth of lives.

“We’ve never done this balloon representation before,” McDermott said. “Since it is new, we hope students will be more interested in it, and it will affect more students.”

The variety of specific events during Red Ribbon Week work hard to advocate a positive drug-free lifestyle.

“Red Ribbon Week is a great opportunity for our school to come together on the premises of healthy lifestyles and good choices and raise awareness of our decisions that may effect the rest of our lives,” Carterette said.