Lights, camera, Ridpath


Mac Harden

Improv Club, led by the powerful Evan Ridpath, listen in to hear what the next activity will be. Evan does a great job leading these Improvers to some truly funny moments.

“There’s no people like show people …”

Carlsbad’s very own Evan Ridpath takes center stage in his senior year. As president of Drama club and captain of Improv club, Ridpath steps into a leadership role effortlessly.

“He has a very settling and charming disposition, he can get the group to focus,” Mrs. Monica Hall said. “He is a leader by example.”

Middle school housed Ridpath’s first theatrical encounter. He caught the acting bug in the sixth grade and has been infected ever since.

Amidst a stressful year of school, Ridpath holds his head up high. Whether it is supporting friends, his younger sister Natalie or receiving admiration from club members –Ridpath is a star in his own right.

“Evan is extremely dedicated to the theater program, he is an awesome president,” senior Emily Terrill said.

Last year Ridpath embodied Don Lockwood, as he lead Carlsbad’s 2012 production of Singing in the Rain.

“Evan is a fantastic actor, he did a superb job in last year’s musical,” junior Maximilian DeLoach said. “He is a wonderful comedic actor. He is entertaining and quick witted, which helps (not only in improv), but in teaching others.”

Exiting stage right, Ridpath houses a plethora of other interests. He loves music and especially enjoys playing the piano. In his free time Ridpath makes films, hoping to continue these hobbies after high school.

However his desired career path lies within a whole new world –Disney World. Ridpath dreams of becoming a Walt Disney Imagineer, stretching his creativity to infinity and beyond.

Until then Ridpath can be found rallying some theatrical troops in room 5002 every Monday and Wednesday at lunch.

However he will be taking to the stage soon! On the night of Tuesday October 22, Ridpath and his advanced theater class will be performing a showcase in the Cultural Arts Center at seven o’clock. All are welcome to stop by and catch a glimpse of what this character has to offer.

“He is very charismatic and impressive. During improvisational work, he can save a scene,” Hall said. “Evan never lets a scene die, and that takes a heck-of-a lot-of smarts and creativity.”

President Ridpath carries a certain confidence that rests behind his warm smile. Reflecting a refreshing amount of humility, he has earned his way into the spotlight.

And action –Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Mr. Evan Ridpath!