A place created for creativity

A writing tool is much more pliable in the hand of a passionate creator than in the hand of  a student. For years, writing has acted as an expressive art to get thoughts across. Over time, it seems as though this art has been reduced.

As much as students appreciate English teachers for their guidance in the vast world of writing, students cannot deny the lack of an outlet to write what they truly desire in the English classroom setting.  On Sept. 26, an outlet was created.

“Creative writing club is a place where students can come share the work they’ve written such as novels, plays, short stories, screenplays and everything that they wouldn’t do in their English class,” junior and club president Talia Cain said.

The creative writing club focuses on the students and their writing while avoiding being just another English class. At first, it will take some time for students to get comfortable to reveal their work, but with enough participation and feedback, the club will grow to be a large significance on the  campus.

“As a club, we are  going to try to enter  creative writing contests,”  Cain said. “There are also a lot of creative writing scholarship opportunities.”

Students also have had a chance to get their writing out through the CHS literature magazine. The first issue, called Illuminations, was released last year as a part of the journalism program.

“With the continuation of the literature magazine, opportunities are created for students to feel more comfortable expressing their work,” Cain said.

An outreach for creative and artistic students to reveal their work to the student body, it features poems, stories, art and included great layout and color attributions. It is the hope of the journalism staff and the creative writing club that more students continue to reveal their talents and ambitions through these outlets.

The creative writing club meets every odd Thursday in 3104 and all are welcome.