Anthony Castelli begins bright music career


Photo courtesy of Anthony Castelli

Senior Anthony Castelli poses with one of his idols, Barry Manilow. For Castelli, meeting Manilow was a dream come true as well as an opportunity to further his career.

For some, it is a dream to work with professional artists in the music industry, but for senior Anthony Castelli, it is a dream that has come true.

Castelli got his start by simply writing about the many concerts he attended.

“I started off critiquing concerts and I would send analysis of every concert I attended to someone that works with the artist,” Castelli said. “Then they would take my input and decide to make changes in the show based on my critiques.”

Castelli’s big break happened when he was pulled backstage at a Barry Manilow concert he attended. He met many important people that night and several insisted on having him work for them.

“One thing led to another and from there I met other artist’s managers and created many connections,” Castelli said. “It was just one big network of stuff.”

Castelli’s career has taken off from there. He has made several strong relations in the industry that have allowed him to further his goals.

“I later began directly working with artists and creating their set lists (the songs they sing every night at each concert),” Castelli said. “They contact me and say where their concert will be and they ask for my opinion. My title is Music Correspondent/Fan Correspondent.”

Numerous hours go into creating a set list for just one artist. Castelli shows how passionate he is about what he does with the effort he puts into his work.

“For each artist it takes about five hours to listen to all their music and come up with a solid set list that their fans and other people will like,” Castelli said. “I do this a few times a month.”

Not only does Castelli give his opinion on singer’s performances, he also gets to work with the fans and help out with other areas at the concerts.

“I interact with fans to learn what they want to see in the show and what would get the best feedback,” Castelli said. “I also pull fans back stage and give them backstage passes. I have even designed some shows as well as helped with filming and merchandise stuff.”

One of the youngest in the industry, Castelli thoroughly enjoys his work. The music industry will be seeing a lot more of him as he plans to further explore this profession for his future.

“I am doing a bunch of big stuff right now that I am not allowed to say,” Castelli said. “There is a lot more to come so be expecting.”