CHS goes from black-and-white to colorful


Adoley Swaniker

Cheer livens up the campus atmosphere with their performance on Monday. They participated in Neon Day, along with many other students, by wearing as much neon as possible.

You walk into school and something’s different. Suddenly, you’re blinded. What happened? Did a rainbow explode? No. It’s neon day at CHS.

This past Friday you might have noticed the words “Have a glowing weekend!” written in chalk all over the campus. This year, ASB worked hard to make a thrilling neon day.  From yellow, high-knee socks to bright headbands, neon day was quite successful.

“Neon day is a really cool spirit day, because it allows us to be different and express our true colors,” freshman Carter Knight said.

Many students don’t realize the importance of spirit days. They not only bring out the pride in being a Lancer, but they also make school more vibrant and exciting. Instead of looking at tired, dreary faces, smiling students were excited to show off their outfits and share their school pride.

“I love it when I see a bunch of people dressed up for spirit days, because it unites the school as a whole,” sophomore Ellie Meck said. “I also get to perform with the dance team and help inspire people to share their school spirit.”

Neon day is a brilliant way to get students involved in school spirit, because the shinning colors are contagious. It creates a lustrous environment for the students.

“Neon day is great, because it lights up the school and brings everyone together,” junior Lauren Striecher said. “It’s fun to dress up; I just wish more people would take part in it. Spirit days just make going to school so much easier– especially neon day as it affects everyone in positive ways. Neon day should be an annual tradition at CHS.”