Christian club welcomes all


Arielle Bessler

President C.J. Larson takes attendance at the beginning of a club meeting on Oct. 8. Christian Club meets every Tuesday during lunch in room 5002.

The overwhelming sounds of music, shouting and giggling pour out of room 5003 while students erupt in sporadic dance and games. At first quite daunting, the ruckus became warm and inviting — especially to all newcomers shying off in the corners.

“We just have a lot of fun playing a bunch of games,”  junior Kami-Jane Pacanos said. “With everything going on at school, it’s nice to have one lunch to get away from all that and just have fun with other kids from church.”

But when it all simmers down, the deeper bonds between students shine through. Guest pastors and senior club president C.J. Larson give messages of faith that bring the club together on an emotional level.

“This year, our goal is about getting more people involved and having a ton of fun,” Larson said. “The part of it that makes it Christian club is one, a bunch of churches are represented that can get kids plugged in, and two, we will give a little teaching every week — either from me or a youth leader.”

The club also works with former Christian club adviser and choir teacher, Ms. Owen, to create Christian ministry groups in Ukraine. Ms. Owen left Carlsbad at the end of last year to do this ministry work overseas.

“We’re holding a monthly fundraiser to help her train youth choirs and worship bands,” junior and club vice president Stephen Pittman said.

The club also strives to help our local students by acting as a link between curious students and Carlsbad churches. Instead of focusing on converting individuals, the club tries to humbly share the message of Christ.

“We really want to get more people plugged in at churches,” Pittman said. “We’re not focusing on trying to get people to change their mindset but just to consider going to a church where they are comfortable.”

Christian Club aims to be a sanctuary for students where they can come together and interact through their common faith. And for students who are not Christian, the club still welcomes them in room 5003 every Tuesday.

“We’re not going to pressure you into something that you don’t want to do,” Pittman said. “The aspect of faith has helped me so much that I want to help others find the same peace and strength for themselves while gaining friends.”